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Elegance policy

Welcome to The Global Ambassador Hotel (TGA), an exclusive haven of luxury and sophistication. Our esteemed guests are invited to indulge in a refined experience, and to ensure the utmost comfort and enjoyment for all, we kindly request adherence to the following Elegance Policy:


  1. Cultivate an atmosphere of serenity by refraining from engaging in disruptive activities, including loud music, verbal altercations, or any behavior that may disturb the peace and tranquility of TGA's patrons.
  2. Maintain the graceful flow of pedestrian traffic by avoiding activities such as running, skateboarding, or assembling in a manner that disrupts the peaceful ambiance of our surroundings.
  3. Preserve the pristine beauty of TGA by disposing of litter responsibly and utilizing designated trash receptacles. Let's collectively uphold the aesthetic charm of our property.
  4. Embrace a refined ambiance by refraining from smoking and/or vaping on TGA premises.
  5. Respect the artistry of TGA by refraining from defacing or damaging any property, whether it be real or personal, enhancing the overall aesthetic experience for everyone.
  6. Cherish our enchanting amenities by refraining from any acts that may damage, destroy, or interfere with the harmony of fountains or other facilities.
  7. Pets are cherished companions at TGA, provided they are leashed and under control. Please be considerate by promptly cleaning up after your pets and never leaving them unattended on the property.
  8. Engage in activities that complement the refined ambiance with proper written permission from TGA, refraining from solicitation or distribution of promotional material without authorization.
  9. Adorn attire that befits the sophistication and style of TGA, ensuring a harmonious visual experience for all.
    1. Entrance to The Global Ambassador is at the discretion of management. In the evening, we recommend business casual or cocktail attire. Should you show up dressed inappropriately, you may be asked to leave and change into appropriate attire.
  10. Safeguard the well-being of children by not leaving them unattended; authorities will be contacted immediately if any child is found alone on the property.
  11. Embrace purposeful movement by avoiding loitering, lingering, or remaining idle without a discernible intent or useful business.
  12. Contribute to the upscale atmosphere by adhering to designated areas for the consumption of alcoholic beverages and refraining from possessing open containers in prohibited zones.
  13. Respect the guidance of courtesy signs and maintain a leisurely pace while driving on our premises to ensure the safety and enjoyment of pedestrians.
  14. Adhere to the established curfew, ensuring that minors are not unaccompanied on the property after 9:00 PM, upholding a secure environment.
  15. Capture memories discreetly by refraining from commercial photography or videography without the express permission of TGA's Management.
  16. Uphold the highest standards by refraining from engaging in any unlawful activities or behavior.
  17. Park with poise in designated spots, respecting the organized elegance of our parking facilities.
  18. Preserve the sophistication of TGA by refraining from vehicle work or overnight parking, as per our towing policy.
  19. Nurture a secure environment by refraining from the possession or carrying of firearms or weapons, in adherence to our commitment to safety.

Guests who honor this Elegance Policy contribute to the unparalleled experience at TGA. Non-compliance may result in a polite request to depart, with failure to comply leading to potential legal consequences and temporary or permanent exclusion from our refined establishment.

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