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a new era of Wellness

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Immerse yourself in restorative indulgence at our luxury wellness hotel. Discover our holistic approach to health and wellness that combines science-based protocols with unique wellbeing treatments and movement programs. Using advanced modalities to recharge and rejuvenate you to return to the vibrancy of the city. 

Recharging your mind, body and spirit is vital. Emerge energized and return renewed to thrive in the urban tempo.

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The Spa

The Spa at The Global Ambassador is a space for personal discovery, inspired vitality and luxury nourishment to transform you to an optimal state of well-being. Expertly designed treatments and practices will put the mind and body in perfect balance.

A woman getting her face massaged


Awaken your physical strength and reach new heights of achievement. Our key goal is to empower your body, helping you achieve more with the help of expert fitness ambassadors and bespoke techniques, so you can enjoy a stronger tomorrow.

Women doing pilates


Working with top wellness brands from around the world, we apply new technologies and innovative methodologies for enhanced wellness, tailored to you. Select from a range of treatments, many of which are exclusive to The Global Ambassador.

A woman getting her face massaged

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